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People have always wanted to settle down in the beautiful area of Arcadia. Over 3000 years ago the Tongva-Gabrielino Native American population thrived here since the area offers rich, ripe land perfect for hunters and gatherers. Hugo Reid was one of the first settlers of European origin. He was awarded the land by the Spanish government and succeeded in raising vast amounts of cattle in this green and fertile landscape. In 1875 a large area of land was bought by Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin who started to erect buildings and cultivating the wild for farming. Soon a small rural city had developed ¬†Arcadia.

Arcadia is located 20 miles east of Los Angeles and is best described as an upper-middle class town, consisting of no more than 53,000 people and 11.2 square miles of land. Despite its comparatively small size, the city offers full-service to its citizens, including its own Police Department, Fire Department, and Library. Arcadia has six elementary schools, three middle schools, and the Arcadia High School. Several colleges and universities are located near Arcadia, including the California State University, California Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California.

The city of Arcadia has carefully grown over the years, always true to its original determination to preserve green spaces within the city to ensure a healthy atmosphere and high-quality life for the people living there. If you’ve ever been to Arcadia, you will certainly understand why Arcadia has been appointed a Tree City USA’ for ten consecutive years.

Huntington Drive and First Avenue is the heart of Arcadia’s downtown district. The biggest shopping center in Arcadia is Westfield Shopping town center near Santa Anita. You will find this at the northwest corner of Huntington Drive and Baldwin Avenue. It’s a great place for shopping as well as dining. East of Santa Anita Avenue ¬†at Huntington Drive you will find even more restaurants. Baldwin Avenue is renowned for its outlets and discount stores, while Live Oak Avenue is the place to go for grocery shopping.

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