Fiberglass Boat Repair – How To Fix Your Sailboat

15 Apr

Fiberglass Boat Repair – How To Fix Your Sailboat

Many modern hulls nowadays are made from glass reinforced plastic.  What’s fiberglass? Simply fibers of glass that is used to reinforce polymers.

A polymer is a kind of plastic which has opposing but free characteristics for bonding with fibers. So it is great in being compounded and another behaves like a sort of glue. The final product’s technical name is glass reinforced plastic (GRP). In long island marinas you will easily get fiberglass boat repair service in case you are looking for boat repair service.

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The shiny outer surface of the hull is gel coat. It’s also the product of two substances. Both together are cross-linked, that means they change the outer surface of your ship. Have a look at the online site if you are looking for boat repair in long island.

Practical Application Of Knowledge

Damaged region is checked first. Is it the gel coat that’s chipped? Maybe there is a hole through the hull. The replacement coat is found in a liquid form that you paint on. Make sure that the coats are fully treated to match your hull.

If the GRP is exposed then you have to mix up some fibers together with the polymer catalyst to create a resin. Then you need to paste it into the damaged area. Then the gel coat is applied. The glass comes in two forms, either as strands or chopped strand mat.


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Based upon the area damaged you might want to use the mat variety. Simply put layers over the damaged area and gradually fill out. Browse here to know more about boat repair.

For those who have a hole, you’ll have to identify the region in the ship to work from. To perform the identical degree of repair from the outside will involve more work. As the laminate dries you can change it, to the curves of the hull. Be certain you’ve studied the area concerned before fixing.