Important Considerations For Choosing Family Camping Tent

6 Dec

Important Considerations For Choosing Family Camping Tent

Considering going out for family camping but still confused about which one to choose? Well, in this comprehensive guide, you’ll read about a few aspects you should consider while purchasing a tent from any military surplus shop or even ordinary stores. So, let us begin!

Duration of the trip:


If you’re camping for just a couple of days then you could manage without a tent. For example, if you don’t remember to get a rod for setting up the tent rainfly then you just have to tie it to a tree. This resolution won’t work on rainy days as you have to take shelter in a swampy ground.  

But if it’s a long trip, for say a couple of weeks, you need to make sure that you’ve got all the things that may be required. While buying a tent, you need to make certain you have not forgotten anything.

BASE-X TENT 305 (18' X 25')

Number of people:

If you’re a group of about 5-6 persons, you want a 6-person tent where all can be accommodated. But in such instances, the best option is to select army tents that can accommodate around 8 persons at a time and requires the same amount of time to establish?

According to camping specialists, if you’re camping for a longer time period, you should decide on a tent that’s comfortable and more spacious than actually required. A little additional space can make a massive difference.

TEMPER TENT (20' X 24')

Climatic Conditions:

Pick a tent in accordance with the climate of the area where you’re camping. Suppose you’re camping in the snowy area, go for dual wall tents which are made from thick cloth in order to keep heat inside. Read this post to get information on the best way to decide on a winter tent camping site.

On the other hand, if the location is too hot, you should decide on spacious tents that could keep you away from the harsh sunlight and also allow ventilation. For rainy areas, tents made from waterproof materials would be the ideal option.