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About Monrovia Homes and Living

The City of Monrovia is located 15 miles Northeast of downtown Los Angeles. It rests on the northern rim of the Los Angeles Basin and is one of the largest industrial and high-tech communities in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s a fast growing city with approximately 40,000 inhabitants and it offers a vibrant and urban environment combined with the advantages of a smaller city with a strong community feeling. Monrovia’s housing stock is an extraordinary combination of turn-of-the-century Victorian buildings and California Bungalows.

Many citizens contribute to the community by doing volunteer work and the volunteer-based Monrovia Day Association play a vital role in city life. The association organizes an annual weekend of activities to commemorate the founding of Monrovia. The event takes place in May and attracts thousands to Monrovia Day Parade, Car Show, Soapbox Classic, and activities in the park.

The Monrovia Arts Festival Association (MAFA) nurtures the arts, the artists, and the community by organizing cultural events throughout the year, including the popular Black Tie Event. The third group of volunteers is Old House Preservation Group. If you are interested in the history of Monrovia or the art of preservation and restoration of old buildings, this group will provide you will knowledgeable and experienced teachers and guides.

The hillsides above Monrovia reach back into the Angeles National Forest and are filled with coyotes, deer, opossum, bears, mountain lions, raccoons, and all the other wildlife native to the San Gabriel Mountains. Monrovia is maintaining and developing a 1,000-acre Wilderness Preserve to ensure that these breathtaking areas of natural beauty will still be there to enjoy for generations to come.

The best area for shopping and dining in Monrovia is the charming city center called Old Town. Here you can find an eclectic mix of major shops and tiny specialists. Along Huntington Crossing’s restaurant row, you can discover great places to eat. With more than 100 restaurants, Monrovia offers everything from Cajun to Chinese. The upscale restaurants are among the best in Los Angeles County. You will never grow tired of eating out in Monrovia.