Potential Exposure to Asbestos

6 Jul

Potential Exposure to Asbestos


During the traditional days, asbestos was very popular. Houses, buildings, businesses all depended on asbestos during the 20th century. Any individual can easily spot an asbestos when spotted. However, only an expert can identify the type and shape of the asbestos with the help of a microscope. This information will help you to understand how asbestos occurs in our homes and at workplace.

1. At Home –Asbestos helped in construction traditional homes. Along with the building materials, asbestos was also used in household products. Today, the problem is due to the sheer fact of people still living in old houses consisting of asbestos materials. These people are easily exposed to asbestos when it comes to repairing or renovation of the house where it can be easily disturbed and then get mixed with the atmosphere. Some of the places where asbestos is still found include the following-

Roof area, Ceiling tiles, Boilers, pipes and other things consisting of insulation, windows consisting of caulking and glazing.When you notice the presence of asbestos, it would be not to touch it as the chances of getting inside your body is high. The best thing to do would be to call an asbestos removal expert.

2. At Work –Based on workplace, asbestos related disease called mesothelioma is highly exposed to people. Even during the construction of modern official buildings, people are still at high risk of being exposed to this harmful material. Ignoring to wear protective gears such as masks, boots, gloves, etc. can lead to asbestos related disease. People exposed to asbestos at their workplace include;

Plumbers, firefighters, boilermakers, painters, shipyard workers, mechanics, steamfitters, welders, and electricians. In United States of America, the government is making mandatory for these professionals to wear protective gears during their time of work.

You can always hire a professional who does asbestos removal in Newcastle and other parts of Australia.