What Sort Of Fun Things Can Be Done With The Waste Glass Jars At Home?

27 Apr

What Sort Of Fun Things Can Be Done With The Waste Glass Jars At Home?

In every home, glass bottles, jars, antique canning jars, milk glass bottles, or colorful antique cookie jars can be found easily.

But most of the time, we do not get what one can do with these jars, so ultimately we throw them in the dust bin.

What if you could use them in different manner? Well, yes you can use them and interestingly in various fun ways. You can gather ideas to use these left out empty jars from http://www.decorativedecor.com.au/.

Meanwhile continue to read this article, for your help and to narrow down your search few of the fun ideas are mentioned to use these glass jars in various ways:

lids glass jars

  1. Turn glass jars into lanterns: The colored glass jars will look really attractive when you place and light small candles inside them. The wistful vibe of candles inside the glass jars can transmute your living area from dowdy to fabulous.
  1. You can use antique glass jars with lids to put colorful shells inside them. Then carefully close the lid and you can keep them for display on the mantel to enjoy that invigorating seaside feel.
  1. Other than shells, you can even use colored rocks, pebbles, or colored beads. For that you can even use mason jars also. 
  2. You can also store colored ribbons inside clear antique glass canning jars. They will look pleasing when capped and arranged on the shelves. 
  3. Repurpose them as organizers: These glass jars can even be used as small toiletries or to keep cosmetic items like cotton buds, cotton balls, lipsticks, etc.
  4. Use colored glass jars as table centerpieces by putting fresh flowers or mouth fresheners, chocolates, etc.

Decorative decor glass jars

  1. You can even use them as shadow box or as a small knick knack shelves.
  1. This is not the end, you just need to add a little more creativity, use these jars as your liquid soap dispensers. 
  1. You just need to add a little more creativity or you can navigate to this post to get more interesting ideas to implement.
  1. Last but not the least, put homemade cookies or other small goodies inside antique canning jars, cap, tie a colorful ribbon, and give them away as gifts.